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Title Author(s) Year Subject Area(s) Affiliation
Communicating with the Public about Emerald Ash Borer: Militaristic and Fatalistic Framings in the News Media Mysha K. Clarke, Lara A. Roman, Tenley M. Conway 2020 Forest management, Invasive pests and diseases, Management, Tree pest and diseases  
Invasive Species Terminology: Standardizing for Stakeholder Education Basil V. Iannone III, Shannon Carnevale, Martin B. Main, Jeff E. Hill, Julie B. McConnell, Steven A. Johnson, Stephen F. Enloe, Emily C. Bell, James P. Cuda, Shirley M. Baker 2020 Invasive pests and diseases, Invasive plants  
Lagged mortality among tree species four years after an exceptional drought in east Texas Paul A. Klockow, Jason G. Vogel, Christopher B. Edgar 2018 Drought, Tree mortalilty, Tree pest and diseases  
Role of multiple invasion mechanisms and their interaction in regulating the population dynamics of an exotic tree Raelene M. Crandall, Tiffany M. Knight 2017 Fire, Invasive plants  
Emissions of forest floor and mineral soil carbon, nitrogen and mercury pools and relationships with fire severity for the Pagami Creek Fire in the Boreal Forest of northern Minnesota Randy Kolka, Brian R. Sturtevant, Jessica R. Miesel, Aditya Singh, Peter T. Wolter, Shawn Fraver, Thomas M. DeSutter, Philip A. Townsend 2017 Fire, Remote Sensing, Soils  
Evaluation of repellents for the redbay ambrosia beetle, Xyleborus glabratus, vector of the laurel wilt pathogen Marc A. Hughes, Xavier Martini, Emily H. Kuhns, James Colee, Agenor Mafra-Neto, Lukasz Stelinski, Jason A. Smith 2017 Bark and ambrosia beetle, Invasive pests and diseases, Laurel wilt, Management, Tree diseases  
Timber-based economic impacts of a novel invasive wood-boring beetle (Acanthotomicus sp.) that kills American sweetgum. Andrés I. Susaeta, Damian C. Adams, José R. Soto, Jiri Hulcr 2017 Economic assessment, Invasive pests and diseases  
Economic vulnerability of southern US slash pine forests to climate change Andrés I. Susaeta, Damian C. Adams, Carlos A. Gonzalez‐Benecke 2017 Climate change, Economic vulnerability, Slash pine  
Economic feasibility of and vegetation responses to biomass harvest in managed loblolly pine plantations Ajay Sharma, Kimberly K. Bohn, Jarek Nowak, Puneet Dwivedi 2017 Fire, Forest management, Forest productivity, Loblolly pine  
Economic Feasibility of Managing Loblolly Pine Forests for Water Production under Climate Change in the Southeastern United States Andrés I. Susaeta, Damian C. Adams, Carlos A. Gonzalez‐Benecke, José R. Soto 2017 Climate change, Economic assessment, Forest productivity  
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