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Title Author(s) Year Subject Area(s) Affiliation
Climate Change and Ecosystem Services Output Efficiency in Southern Natural Loblolly Pine Forests Andrés I. Susaeta, Douglas R. Carter, Damian C. Adams, Puneet Dwivedi 2016 Climate change, Ecosytem services, Loblolly pine  
Pre-invasion economic assessment of invasive species prevention: A putative ambrosia beetle in Southeastern loblolly pine forests Andrés I. Susaeta, José R. Soto, Damian C. Adams, Jiri Hulcr 2016 Economic assessment, Invasive pests and diseases, Loblolly pine, Pre-invasion  
Landowner Attitudes and Willingness to Accept Compensation from Forest Carbon Offsets: Application of Best-Worst Choice Modeling in Florida José R. Soto, Damian C. Adams, F. J. Escobedo 2016 Carbon offsets, Economic assessment, Ecosytem services  
The Cuba-Florida Plant-Pest Pathway C. Penca, Damian C. Adams, Jiri Hulcr 2016 Invasive pests and diseases, Pre-invasion  
A Distributional Analysis of the Socio-Ecological and Economic Determinants of Forest Carbon Stocks. José R. Soto, F. J. Escobedo, Damian C. Adams, J. Blanco 2016 Carbon sequestration, Economic assessment, Ecosytem services  
A generalized Reed model with application to wildfire risk in even-aged Southern United States pine plantations Andrés I. Susaeta, Douglas R. Carter, S. J. Chang, Damian C. Adams 2016 Economic assessment, Fire, Forest management  
Two novel Fusarium species that cause canker disease of prickly ash (Zanthoxylum bungeanum) in northern China form a novel clade with Fusarium torreyae X. Zhou, K. O’Donnell, T. Aoki, Jason A. Smith, M. T. Kasson, Z. M. Cao 2016 Fusarium, Tree diseases  
Laurel Wilt, Caused by Raffaelea lauricola, is Detected for the First Time Outside the Southeastern United States Randy C. Ploetz, Y. Y. Thant, Marc A. Hughes, Tyler J. Dreaden, J. L. Konkol, A. T. Kyaw, Jason A. Smith, C. L. Harmon 2016 Bark and ambrosia beetle, Distribution, Invasive pests and diseases, Laurel wilt, Tree diseases  
Disease biology and histopathology of bronze leaf disease: a threat to cultivated aspens, white poplars and their hybrids M. E. Ostry, M. J. Moore, J. J. Jacobs, Jason A. Smith, N. A. Anderson 2016 Tree diseases  
Response of swamp bay, Persea palustris, and redbay, P. borbonia, to Raffaelea spp. isolated from Xyleborus glabratus Tyler J. Dreaden, Alina S. Campbell, Carlos A. Gonzalez‐Benecke, Randy C. Ploetz, Jason A. Smith 2016 Bark and ambrosia beetle, Invasive pests and diseases, Laurel wilt, Tree diseases  
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