ProForest and the School of Forest Resources and Conservation at the University of Florida are pleased to announce the online Graduate Certificate in Forest Health and Resilience starting Spring 2019!

The Graduate Certificate in Forest Health & Resilience is a multidisciplinary program that addresses the current and emerging threats to forest health, the ecological, social and economic importance of forest health, and provides professionals with management tools to enhance forest resilience and minimize the impacts of forest health threats.


Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the social, economic, and ecological contexts of forest health and resilience.
  • Accurately diagnose tree health using established methodologies including an awareness of the various pitfalls in diagnoses.
  • Analyze the occurrence of insect and pathogen outbreaks and the abiotic drivers responsible for tree die-offs, and interpret the effects on forest productivity and health.
  • Formulate management recommendations for preventing, intervening, and/or restoring a forest in response to a disturbance or an insect/pathogen outbreak

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