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Economic Feasibility of Managing Loblolly Pine Forests for Water Production under Climate Change in the Southeastern United States Andrés I. Susaeta, Damian C. Adams, Carlos A. Gonzalez‐Benecke, José R. Soto 2017 Climate change, Economic assessment, Forest productivity  
Economic vulnerability of southern US slash pine forests to climate change Andrés I. Susaeta, Damian C. Adams, Carlos A. Gonzalez‐Benecke 2017 Climate change, Economic vulnerability, Slash pine  
Response of swamp bay, Persea palustris, and redbay, P. borbonia, to Raffaelea spp. isolated from Xyleborus glabratus Tyler J. Dreaden, Alina S. Campbell, Carlos A. Gonzalez‐Benecke, Randy C. Ploetz, Jason A. Smith 2016 Bark and ambrosia beetle, Invasive pests and diseases, Laurel wilt, Tree diseases  
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